Why I don’t post a photo of my kid on Social Media?

We are living in an era when using social media has become a habit. Whatever happened to us or near us can be used as content. And sharing a baby’s photo is the currency of the new mom, like me.

Two years ago, I always posted my kid’s photo to social media like Instagram, Facebook, or whatever. I was just thinking about I’m proud of my baby, I want to stay connected with friends and family. 

When my baby was born, when he can be counted with his fingers, his first stepped, and another moment I wanted to share.

But, I had read an article that breaks down the ways of sharing about a child on social media may potentially harm our child”

And I have a question "Have I asked myself before hitting publish my baby’s photo?”

And these are reasons not to post about your child on social media, according to Common Sense Media:

1. Posting on Social Media Can Invade Your Child's Privacy.

While young children might not give any thought to what their parents share about them on social media. But that may not stay true as they grow older, They may start to feel embarrassed about the content their parents post about them on social media.

And can also make children feel like they don’t have ownership over their own bodies or own values.

2. Your Social Media Posts Might Be Used for Bullying

Others may be able to use that information to make fun of, insult, and even bully my child as he grows older.

3. Social Media Messaging Could Impact Your Child's Future.

I should consider how my photos and stories may impact my kid when he’s much older, even an adult.

4. Sharing Puts Your Child at Risk for Digital Kidnapping.

Digital kidnapping is a type of identity theft. My child’s photos can also be kidnapped for baby role-playing. I can easily lose control over my child’s identity when I publish information about him online.

5. Your Social Media Posts Might Attract Dangerous People.

Do you know, Photos and videos of children shared by their parents on social media sometimes turn up on disturbing websites some of them dedicated to child pornography.

And the last reason is The Evil Eye and Protection Against it.

Do you know about al-‘ayn in Islam? What is the evil eye?

The evil eye refers to when a person harms another with his eye. It starts when the person likes a thing, then his evil feelings affect it, through his repeated looking at the object of his jealousy.
The Muslim has to protect ourself against the devils among the evil jinn and mankind, by having strong faith in Allah and by putting our trust in Him and seeking refuge with Him and beseeching Him.

And that can happen because of our social media posts.

Paul Davis, a social media and online safety educator says that "when it comes to posting photos of children online, parents should ask themselves the purpose of posting the photo."

For one, I love that person interested in my kid, but who cares?
I would have posted are the people I really care about and who really care about me and my son. So, I only sharing photos of my kid with a family private group.

And right now, you probably won’t find any pictures of my son, in social media or just in WhatsApp story.

I always ask my son what he is comfortable with and take some precautions. And I keep the pictures to my self and I decide not to share.

I know I am, and that’s not only because of his privacy, but I think it’s because of mine.


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