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I am a content writer who has a lot of experience in the field of writing.

Write, produce and direct TV program's script for TV stations like Metro TVSpacetoon TV Kids, and NET.

I also a contributing writer for UzoneIDkaltengtoday.com. Currently, freelance as a creative content social media, copywriter, in any niche, and I write for my own blog ayazahir.com

And now I'm working as a social media executive and Administrative Secretary at Uzone.id, PT. Metranet (Telkom Group Indonesia)

    Work Experiences

    Internship + Contracts

    Campus Citizen Journalist - Bina Sarana Informatika, Jakarta
    Research, write, edit news stories, features and articles | 2008-2010

    An Internship at the TV One, Jakarta | 2010

    An Internship at the Metro TV | 2011

    Freelance social media executive at MSN (Microsoft) | 2016

    Freelance translator English-Indonesia for essay, thesis, etc.
    Freelance writer for a business document, social media content, invitation letter, etc | 2010 - present

    Content writer Kaltengtoday.com
    Research, write and edit for entertainment and lifestyle articles in news portal Kaltengtoday.com, Central Kalimantan | 2020 - Present

    Copywriter Social Media Bloggerhub
    Search, Write, review, edit, and updating content for social media Instagram bloggerhub, Jakarta | 2020 - present

    Copywriter Social Media Literasizakatwakaf
    Search, Write, review, edit, and updating content for social media Instagram Literasizakatwakaf,  Jakarta | 2020 - Present

    Copywriter Social Media KBRI_Manila
    Search, Write, review, edit, and updating content for social media Instagram kbri_Manila,  Filipina| 2021 - Present

    Recent Works [Full Time]

    Script Writer at Spacetoon TV kids, Jakarta  | 2011-2012
    - Develop with writers a script idea that can be produced into program TV such as 'dongeng anak', 'video lucu', music program 'Ngetem', and any kind of quiz.
    - Manage projects in pre-production, production, and post-production

    Creative Production at NET. TV, Jakarta 2013-2016
    - Develop with writers a script idea that can be produced into program TV such as 'Breakout' music program, 'X-Games', 'TonightShow and Ini Talkshow' in NET.
    - Expand, build, and maintain relationships with a network of agents, managers, directors, production companies, talent, etc
    - Manage projects in pre-production, production, and post-production

    Social Media Executive and Administrative Secretary at Uzone.ID, PT. Metranet (Telkom Grup)  | 2016 - present

    Administrative Secretary
    - Processing, typing, editing, and formatting report and documents
    - Arranging and scheduling an appointment, meetings schedule, and events
    - Filing documents, as well as entering data and maintaining databases
    - Arranging and monitoring office budget, reporting to management as well

    Social Media Executive
    - Manage and oversee social media content (UzoneIndonesia)
    - Use social media marketing tools such as Hootsuite
    - Planning, implementing and monitoring the company's Social Media strategy in order to increase brand awareness
    - Recap and daily report growth followers, subscribers, rating apps, articles, and social media posts.

    Freelancer Jobs & Project

    Creative Content and Copywriting Social Media
    Research and write content/caption Social Media account :

    1. cbldatarecovery_sg Singapore 2020

    2. idevicerepairsingapore Singapore 2020

    3. alvianokarpet.id Jakarta | 2020

    4. wigoliving home decor | 2020

    5. @Cloevkids | 2020

    6. @dexandrashop.id | 2020

    7. @bloggerhub.id | 2020

    9. mamagaioresto | 2020

    10. kaltengtodaycom | 2020

    11. kbri_manila | 2021

    12. pawongemilangrasa | 2021

    Content Articles

    IndonesianClouds.com "Disaster Recovery As A Service2020

    Babyologist.com "parenting : gadget for kids" 2018

    - Entertainment & Lifestyle website kaltengtoday.com

    - Technology uzone.id

    - Email marketing event interskill.id

    - Copywriting promo Monkey Stories Indonesia

    And more...

    Let's connect with me on LinkedIn here! and this is all about me